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Elaine Sinnott discusses how to receive the rest and strength promised by the Lord in today’s chaotic world.

A Weary Mom

Exhausted from yet another week, I bowed my head in prayer during one Sunday Mass, hoping to get just a few precious moments to speak to Jesus after receiving the Holy Eucharist before a toddler would start tugging on my shirt.

“Help me, Lord. This vocation seems increasingly impossible some days. I am impatient, I am tired, some days I just wake up angry. I know your will for me is to raise these precious souls and to homeschool them—You’ve made that clear for our family. But I need more help from You so I don’t ruin things.”


An Answer from the Lord

Then Jesus answered me so quietly. Thank You, Lord! I realized through the homily given that day that one reason I may be exhausted is because God may be calling me to visit Him more than just Sundays.

An image appeared in my mind of me taking the weight of my own holy cross off my shoulders more than just once a week. This image made me aware that attending Mass was my chance to put down my cross and rest at Jesus’ feet, an image that has stuck with me for months now.

For Our loving Lord says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28-30, emphasis added) Only He can offer this rest my soul needs. Only He can offer you the rest your weary soul is crying out for.




Hope for the Weary

I’d be less exhausted mentally and emotionally if I would go to Mass at least one more time during the week where I can rest from the world and receive all the graces He has for me to fill up my cup. I’ve actually noticed Thursdays are particularly exhausting for me: I’m tapped out and have little left in me for the week. Temporarily taking my cross off my shoulders and laying it in a safe, holy place is exactly what my soul needs.

Living out my vocation the way God calls me to may require more than one “fill-up” of grace each week.

It may require more than one weekly intimate, physical encounter with Jesus.

I will not find that rest and graces needed for a holy vocation from non-holy sources.

Escaping to social media is surely a stress-coping mechanism I need to back away from. I receive no graces going there —no wonder it leaves me feeling emptier! And eating sweet snacks as another stress-induced coping mechanism only leads to Satan whispering in my ear how I shouldn’t have done that, leading me down an even worse rabbit hole of accusations than before. This brings even less rest to my weary soul.


The Source of Life

Our Lord is “the way, the truth, and the life,” (John 14:6). The only true rest, the only true love comes from looking his way and bearing our souls open to him. His life is poured out into us at the foot of His Holy Cross, where His mercy and love poured out of His wounds. We must approach the Cross more often if we long for life and rest.


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How to Receive God’s Rest

How does a busy mom make time for drinking from this fountain of life?

First, we must empty our hands to receive what God has for us. Full hands can receive nothing.

Are there any activities you can take out of your schedule? Any commitments? Which commitments do not involve God and therefore prevent you from receiving God’s promised rest? Pray about this and ask God where you can find a few breaks in your schedule.

Next, after you’ve cleared some spots in your schedule, make it a point to get to Mass a second time each week (or Adoration if a work schedule prevents daily Mass attendance). This would be a beautiful way to receive rest and so many graces for our souls, something desperately needed in this day and age. We need strength to follow God when suffocated by so many voices who shout NO!

Being a holy wife and a holy mom in today’s world requires approaching our Lord.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped; therefore my heart exults, and I shall thank him. The Lord is their strength, and he is a saving defense to his anointed. (Psalm 28:7-8, NASB1995, emphasis mine)


Put it into Practice

What will you do this week to approach the Lord and receive His promised rest for you?



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