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Denise Jelinek shares simple ways to stay grounded in God's peace.

When we ground ourselves in the Lord’s truth, life is better. That doesn’t mean there’s no pain or sacrifice, but there is a joy and a peace that you won’t find anywhere else.   

I want to share five truths with you that have rooted me in the Lord’s peace.  


Truth #1: God’s ways are simple and peaceful.   

When I notice I’m overthinking, overcomplicating, and, in general, creating chaos, I know I am living in my will and not in the Lord’s will. It’s time to step back and ask, “How can I do this with more peace and simplicity?” 


Truth #2: The only thing preventing me from connecting to God throughout my day is the noise in my head.   

The “noise in my head” includes crazy, chaotic, criticizing, condemning, confusing, controlling thoughts that cause general unsettledness and agitation. God’s voice is calm, quiet, uplifting, and gentle, and it creates clarity.  

Learning to observe my thoughts and deciding which thoughts to let go of and which to transform to align with His truth is a skill I practice several times a day.   

You can learn this skill too! I use life-coaching techniques that are available to everyone (there are free and paid resources, even by Catholic life coaches!) to coach myself so that the Holy Spirit’s voice is louder than my own.  




Truth #3: NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, is beyond God’s power.   

When I think I’m in charge, I remember it’s NOT all up to me. I can’t screw it up. Even my kids. As a mom who loves my kids as best I can, one decision (or many) won’t mess up the plan the Lord has for my children.   

This truth gives me so much peace in family, personal, and professional life. 


Truth #4: I have one job: to keep myself focused on what the Lord gives me to work on, not on other people’s lives or my own desires.   

Part of this goes back to noticing distractions that pull me away from God’s work. One way I discern is to ask myself, “Am I doing what God wants for me or am I doing this to chase human approval?”  

Another trap I fall into is looking at what other people are doing and getting emotionally attached to their choices, opinions, and decisions. I can get distracted from my work by worrying and ruminating about other people (gossip falls into this category, as well).  

When I catch myself with eyes elsewhere, I say, “Stop, Denise! What does God need from you? Let their lives be theirs and yours be yours … that is NOT yours!”  


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Truth #5: No one can outrun the Lord!    

I am proof of this. God has a firm grip on this girl who used to think, “Church? That’s for other people.” When my husband wanted to get married in a Catholic church, I rolled my eyes and threw a fit. He wasn’t going to Mass at the time (he does now), so it made zero sense to me.   

Now, I feel like Elizabeth at the Visitation, when she asked in wonder, “And how does this [insert blessing] happen to me?” (Luke 1:43). I can fill in that “blank” all day long. And like Mary during the Visitation, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord” (Luke 1:46).   

I’m a convert from zero faith, and I know it’s impossible to outrun God, so I have peace knowing I don’t have to worry about others’ faith or saying the right thing.  

You can have that peace, too.   

God Bless my sisters in Christ! 



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