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Michelle Nott reviews Emily Wilson Hussem’s new children's books that show children how much God loves them as they are.

Are you looking for a good back-to-school book to read to your young kids? Emily Wilson Hussem has you covered! Both of her books, God’s Brave Boy and God’s Glorious Girl have a beautiful message that is tailored specifically for young children to help them learn what a unique gift they are to the world.  




God’s Brave Boy introduces young boys to their masculinity and the holy values that come with that when they live a God centered life in language that young boys will understand.  Using phrases like, “strong and courageous” and “powerful heart and mind,” Hussem inspires the boys of their ability to go far in life just from being themselves.  

God’s Glorious Girl also provides young girls with an introduction to their gifts of femininity and the beauty behind them. With phrases like, “full of strength and dignity” and “courage and pep,” girls will go out into the world without fear of being who they were meant to be.  

These books are also great confidence boosters for kids who are nervous about going to school and making friends. They focus on God’s love for them, and the importance of kindness in their day-to-day interactions with their friends. They show children that they are never alone on their adventures and that Jesus is always by their side. They introduce them to ways they can serve God in all areas of their life from playtime, arts and crafts, and sports! 

Of course, they wouldn’t be complete without beautiful illustrations by Gracie Wilson that complement the words very well and help show kids the meaning behind them.  

My kids (ages 6 and under) enjoyed reading them, and enjoyed that they were made more personal by adding their name in the introduction line; “My name is ________ and I am God’s brave boy/glorious girl.” These are definitely books that we will be reading again and again. 




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Images: (center) courtesy of Emily Wilson Hussem; others Canva