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Danielle Heckencamp discusses ways we can all grow in patience -- especially with ourselves. 

In our Hangout this week, Danielle Heckencamp shares ideas for ways we can work on a virtue we all need -- patience! Using inspiration from St. Francis, she reminds us that we need to be patient, first and foremost with ourselves. That is where it all begins.

During this time when many of us are homeschooling or dealing with other unusual circumstances with our kids and their schedules, we all have ample opportunities to practice patience. What does that look like for you? How do you pray for patience and in what ways is God challenging you right now?



Join us for this fun & inspiring CatholicMom Hangout. And be sure to add your thoughts, questions & ideas in the comments!

In this CM Hangout, Danielle Heckencamp helps us focus on ways to we can all grow in patience. #catholicmom


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