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Sheri Wohlfert considers our tendency to want what we want rather than asking what God wants for us.

"Do you want to be well?" (John 5:6b) 


50 years ago, Burger King rolled out its ad campaign with a jingle based on their new slogan, "Have it your way. It may have been a genius way to sell the Whopper but it’s not exactly the motto for growing in holiness. For some strange reason that jingle has been tumbling in my head and it struck me that sometimes I expect my relationship with Jesus to be just like ordering the perfect burger. The truth is, I’m not always sure what it is I really think we want. 


Someone recently pointed out that we have so many choices, it can be really tough to figure out what we want most. We seem to chase thing after thing. We buy stuff and more stuff trying to figure out what that one thing really is. How many times have we eaten four or five snacks before we really even figure out what we’re really hungry for? I read a question not long ago that made me giggle and think. The gentleman asked, “What do cats like most? Mice, right? So, if mice are what the cat really wants, why is cat food made from chicken, pork, beef, lamb, and fish instead of mouse?  
I’ve given it a lot of thought and I think sometimes I don’t figure out what I really want because it’s easier to just try several options and complain when they aren’t what I really wanted than it is to really stop, pray, and ponder what I want, examining all the consequences and unintended consequences that go with my choices. Jesus’ question to the crippled man in John's Gospel was a bit strange, but it really digs down to a deeper level—a level I think I need to visit more often.

The lame man had been there on his mat crippled for decades. Actually, being healed after 38 years would require responsibility and change for the man; Jesus asked a very fair question. I’m sure it made the man wonder how much he really wanted the change that meant moving, pain, work, and responsibility. Jesus wanted to know if it was really worth it to him. 

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It’s easier to just try several options and complain when they aren’t what I really wanted than it is to really stop, pray, and ponder what I want.


Blessed Santia Szymkowiak had the perfect answer to the question, “What do you want?” She lived her entire life with one motto: “Jesus, make me want whatever You want.” She believed what Jesus wanted most for and from her was holiness. I don’t know about you, but that isn’t my usual thought process—but it sure should be. If I want what He wants, then I can’t always have it my way. If I do things His way, it means change and being uncomfortable: two things we don’t readily sign up for!

Burger King made a fortune off making customers feel like they could have anything they wanted and there was happiness because of it. I guess that leads me to ask myself the big question; where do I want happiness; on earth so it can last about as long as that delicious burger, or do I want bliss for all of eternal life? My way will be temporary; His way will be eternal. It’s really what I want most, but what am I willing to do? What changes am I willing to make in order to want what He wants? 

A Seed to Plant:

Make a list of all the things you want and make a list of all the things you’re pouting about because they didn’t go your way. Pray with that list and ask God to show you what He wants for you.  
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