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Did you fail to remember your promises to God this Lent? Sheri Wohlfert offers the reassurance that God never forgets His promises to us.

The Lord remembers his covenant forever. (Psalm 105:8)


I have a small set of completely useless talents! One of those useless talents is being able to remember song lyrics from decades ago. I don’t mean to brag, but I can sing songs that are even older than I am. Now, don’t be too impressed because I’m also the same woman who can’t remember three things at the grocery store, and about the only room I can walk into and consistently remember why I entered is the bathroom. I remember random silly things, but there are days when I forget ten times more than I remember. I like to console myself and say that because I just have so much important stuff to think about, I run out of room in my brain!

Thank goodness God has a better memory than me! I’m so grateful for this reminder from Psalm 105. It makes my heart peaceful to know that even on those crazy days when I forget to ask God for help or peace or assurance, He never forgets me or the Covenant He made with His people. He remembers all the important stuff. He doesn’t remember just when it’s convenient or when it serves His purpose; He remembers His promise to love us all the time!

Sometimes we can make our way through Lent and come out on Easter Sunday feeling like we didn’t get it right. We sometimes forget our Lenten promises, and when Good Friday rolls around we start to feel guilty for forgetting how much we wanted to show our love to Jesus though our sacrifices and penances.

Now would be a great time to remember that our Lenten works have no real bearing on the glory of Easter. Jesus wouldn’t be more “risen” if we had remembered all the things we promised on Ash Wednesday. God isn’t going to put us on the B List because we didn’t complete six weeks of perfect sacrificial piousness. In His Covenant, God promised His love, compassion, care, and correction whether we ate chocolate during Lent or not.


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Now would be a great time to remember that our Lenten works have no real bearing on the glory of Easter. #catholicmom


The 50 days of the Easter season are the perfect time to hit a “remember reset.” God isn’t honored just through our sacrifice; he’s honored by our joy and gratitude. Easter is the absolute perfect time to be more joyful and grateful. We are an Easter people which is to say we are a people who were created to celebrate the joy and happiness of the Resurrection and the new beginnings it promises. That, too, was a part of the covenant God will always remember. I keep thinking about that line about happy Christians and it makes me giggle so I’ll repeat it again; “There are way too many Christians running around looking like they’ve been baptized in lemon juice!”

Are we gonna mope about your Lenten weaknesses or realize with enthusiastic happiness and joy that Easter makes all things new? What needs to be new with you? This is the season that begs us to believe the unbelievable and profess the spectacular and revel in the unfathomable! How about turning from the lent guilt and running head first into the magnificent gift of love the Father will never forget to show us. Absolutely, we are not worthy of such a gift but let’s remember that He already knows that and it doesn’t matter.

The gates of Heaven were flung open not because we deserve it but because the Father promised and because He wants us with Him. That is something we need to remember! This Easter Season let your focus be joy: after all, someone died for you and then His Father raised Him up!


A Seed To Plant:

Find a great image of the Risen Jesus and pray with it each day to remind yourself that it was a gift for you from the Father who will never forget His promises.

Blessings on your day!


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