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Monica Portogallo reviews a new book from Ignatius Press that offers kids concrete advice on coping with difficult situations.

When my son is having an issue with a particular behavior, I have often found reading a children’s story on the subject helps him understand the problem and work on it. Over the years, I have seen some books that are more like a lecture than a story, and others that are so subtle that kids miss the point. Fear by Gaelle Tertrais, Violaine Moulière, and Ségolène De Noüel does a commendable job of striking a balance between the two to help kids cope with fear.


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In three short stories, the book describes several types of fear and anxiety, including imagined fear, fear of punishment, fear of legitimate danger, and fear of what others think or will think. It includes tips on dealing with these fears, both through the stories and through notes addressed both to kids and to parents. It also highlights opposing virtues kids can practice to help combat fear and anxiety.

My 7-year-old read this book, too, and he recommends it highly. He described it as “not too long, not too short, and really interesting. It would be a good book for any kid who has a problem with fear.” He is excited to read more books in the “How to Handle My Emotions” series. The day after reading Fear, he – without any prompting – used one of the techniques explained in the book in a real-life situation.

And if that isn’t a sign that this book helps, I don’t know what is!

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