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As she adjusts her family budget to accommodate rising food and fuel costs, Charisse Tierney considers what truly matters.

My kids have been asking for chips. Chips have been moved into the “special treat” category in our grocery budget, along with many other items that we didn’t used to think twice about buying. With rising prices, we’re suddenly budgeting like never before, reconsidering even short road trips, and accepting assistance in any form that it is offered.

The inflation rate for our big family’s budget feels exponential. But instead of dwelling on how I can’t buy as many chips, name brand cookies, or even shoes for my kids until I put the pieces of next month’s budget together, I’ve been thinking about what I can give them. Increasing prices imply that so many fleeting things of this world have value. But those are just price tags. They’re just numbers.




Maybe this time is finally allowing us to separate worldly price from soul satisfying value.

Getting creative in the kitchen with simple ingredients. Enjoying walking the paths in our own backyard rather than driving to get somewhere. More meals together around our dining room table instead of going out.

By eliminating more of the things that are of value to the world, we are discovering those things that are of value to our hearts.


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Sometimes it takes a stripping away to reveal what we’re really searching for. #catholicmom

Is my cumulative happiness greater when I can easily afford everything I want?

Or am I finding greater fulfillment in appreciating the small, unassuming pleasures of life?

Sometimes it takes a stripping away to reveal what we’re really searching for.

As we continue to readjust our budgets, shorten our grocery lists, and tailor our lifestyle to rising costs, we can be grateful for what we have-and we can be grateful that what we still have is of far greater value than what we are giving up.



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