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Suzanne Beck outlines simple ways to be present and in the moment, keeping the entire Christmas season as the Church counsels. 

Christmas was two days ago, but thankfully for us Catholics, the celebration continues! When I was a child, my dad had the week between Christmas and New Years off work, so I thought that’s just how it was supposed to be for everyone. It felt like that week didn’t really exist on the calendar, it was not part of real time, it just WAS. We had SO much family fun during those weeks Imagine my surprise when I entered the working world and realized that wasn’t the norm.

Years later as a stay-at-home mom, and even now as an empty-nester, I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the idea that we have weeks of preparation and excitement, but the actual celebration is one very short day, literally just a few hours; then back to work and "normal" on the 26th. I’m sure my confusion has something to do with my formative years where we basically celebrated Christmas week. And even now, I’m very blessed to work for an organization that follows that path and shuts down during this week, so I feel like I’m living a second childhood.   

Trying to maintain the Christmas spirit for this week and in fact, for the entire Christmastide season (especially if one isn’t fortunate enough to take those days off work), how can we change our focus to make this week different than all others?




Here are some ways that we can be present and in the moment, keeping the entire season as the Church counsels: 

Leave up all those decorations!

The twinkling lights, the empty stockings, the creche complete with Baby Jesus—all are reminders that it’s not over yet. Bask in their glow and in the love that was poured out with God becoming human to rescue you—yes, you!

Listen to Christmas carols!

Listening to Christmas music will keep your spirits in the season, especially carols that really do celebrate the Savior’s coming. I keep my Pandora Christmas station on all day, every day, and I find the joyful music really helps to keep my mind focused on the season. 


Play and ponder!

Spend some guilt-free time doing things that you don’t ordinarily do during the day: 

  • Take extra time with morning devotions or prayers (try the Hallow or Amen apps) 
  • Relax with family and friends over a late breakfast or early lunch 
  • Read a book or take in a movie that you might have missed, or binge-watch The Chosen
  • Play one of the new games you might have received or bring out the oldie-but-goodie games 
  • Do a crossword puzzle 
  • Cover the table with a big jigsaw puzzle 
  • Spend time outdoors skating, sledding, or simply walking in the brisk weather. 



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Simple ways that we can be present and in the moment, keeping the entire season as the Church counsels


God has given us such an incredible gift that is sometimes hard to even comprehend: Jesus left the splendors of Heaven to come to earth as an infant—simply to bring us back into right relationship with Himself and His Father and to let us know we are each loved beyond measure. In whatever way you choose to continue the celebration, simply bask in the glow of what Christmas truly means. The season is not over for several more days, and remember, the REASON for the season remains ever-present throughout the year! 



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