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Christie Anne Luibrand reviews Dr. Ray Guarendi's newest book about the fundamentals of Christian psychology.

If you have tuned in to EWTN, you may be familiar with Dr. Ray Guarendi. His show Living Right with Dr. Ray is aired in 140 different countries through the network. Dr. Guarendi also hosts a radio show, The Dr. Is In, and speaks professionally across the country. He is a clinical psychologist, husband, and father to ten adopted children. Jesus, The Master Psychologist: Listen to Him is his latest work, and in it he discusses topics ranging from humility to anxiety to marriage. Each chapter tackles difficult topics in a concise, easily digestible format.


Jesus the Master Psychologist


Dr. Guarendi’s approach to these topics is interesting because he blends psychology with Biblical teachings. He explains how the words of Jesus support some therapeutic approaches, and how He can be seen to contradict them as well. Yet he goes beyond pointing out these inconsistences, offering action steps for readers rather than leaving you “high and dry.”

An area where modern mental health experts and Jesus seem to agree on, for example, is the importance of gratitude. Often therapists encourage clients to keep a gratitude journal in order to change their outlook on their life. Jesus encourages us always to praise God, no matter our life circumstances.

However, modern society clashes with Biblical teachings in many ways. Often people are encouraged to be assertive, and that meekness is a result of insecurity or lack of confidence. Jesus preaches that the meek shall inherit the Earth. How can we reconcile those things?

Easily read in one sitting, Jesus, The Master Psychologist provides the perfect balance between thought-provoking and entertaining. Dr. Guarendi is talented at approaching topics in a conversational tone, and at times being laugh-out-loud funny. If you are seeking a book that breaks down issues on marriage, parenting, forgiveness, and self-growth, this is an excellent read.

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