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Sheri Wohlfert ponders how to select a word of the year that doesn't involve putting all the focus on herself.

Indeed, the word of the Lord is living and effective. (Hebrews 4:12a) 


Happy New Year!  May 2024 be a year of grace and blessings for each of you! I typically write the first post of the new year about my “word of the year,” but the Holy Spirit has been leading me in a different direction the past several weeks. As the end of December grew closer and closer, I began to be puzzled that I wasn’t getting any sense of direction about my word for 2024.

The more I thought about past words, the more I realized they were all about something I should do. Be still or be content or be open: all great words but they all put the focus on ME and required ME to do something. Fast forward to mass on New Years Day and a message I’d never considered whapped me right upside the head. 

The Holy Spirit didn’t inspire a word for me to act on; rather, as I listened to the first reading one day from the book of Numbers, I realized He was inviting me to focus on HIS word to me in stillness and probably quietness … and rest in the truth of what HE wants to do in my life FOR me instead of me thinking it’s always about ME doing something “for Him.” In all honesty, God doesn’t need me to do anything for Him … He’s inviting me to just be His. So instead of a single word this year, I will be focusing on this message: Numbers 6:24-27 interpreted as a message to me (or you) personally.

I, the Lord, will bless you and keep you, Sheri! I, the Lord will let My face shine upon you and be gracious to you, Sheri. I, the Lord, will look kindly upon you, Sheri, and give you peace! You shall invoke my name, and I will bless you. 




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Instead of trying to muster up things to please the Lord, maybe I should just sit still, shut up, and allow Him to do the things that are best for me. #CatholicMom


I honestly think I let out a sigh of relief when these words jumped off the page. It’s kind of like that phrase work smarter, not harder. Instead of trying to muster up things to please the Lord, maybe I should just sit still, shut up, and allow Him to do the things that are best for me like love me, bring me peace, and bless me when I call on His name. It almost seems too simple, but I tend to overcomplicate things—so I’m going to make this my focus for 2024. 

As I begin the New Year with this truth, I realize after just a couple of days, I’m bossier than I thought—and rooting myself in this truth will be tricky. The good news: maneuvering the tricky stuff with trust and faith always brings blessings.

When there is chaos, Lord, I’ll let you give me peace. When I’m frustrated and worried, Lord, I will look up and feel your face shine upon me. When I’m overwhelmed and feeling inadequate, I will accept your kindness. When I make decisions, I’ll invoke your name and take your hand as you walk me through whatever lies in my path leading to your blessing. 

Yeah … this is gonna take all year, for sure!! 


A Seed To Plant: 

Pray a few days with these words from the Book of Numbers and see where the Lord might be leading you. 

Blessings on your day! 



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