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Mary Lou Rosien contemplates three ways her recently deceased friend set an example of living life well.

It has been a rough couple of weeks. First, my friend Lisa, after a nine-year battle with cancer, passed away. Then my daughter’s teenage friend, Evan, came out of remission from cancer and needs a miracle. We are grieving, praying, and hoping.

Lisa was a beautiful, vibrant woman. Mom to four children, and a devoted wife. She was young. Her kids are young. Her husband is young. It seems unfair and challenging to accept this.

Evan should be planning his future. He should be getting ready for college, going on dates, and enjoying life. As I write this, he is in the hospital fighting for his life.

When you go through things like this, it is easy to think that we are the ones who must be strong and support those struggling. Ironically, both Lisa and Evan have taught all of us to be strong and so many other lessons.

I talked Lisa a few weeks ago and checked up on how she was doing. Her reply shocked me, she said, “I’m living the life God has given me.” I have pondered her response many times since that day. Do I know that I am living the life God has given me? How can I do that?

1/ Live in the moment. Lisa and Evan demonstrate how to live every moment for that moment. Lisa accepted where she was in the journey. She made each moment count: big or small, significant, or subtle, each second took on new meaning.

2/ Love well. Lisa took the time to write down a message to her husband and each of her children (read at her funeral). She contacted friends and spent time with those who were important to her. Every day can be the last for any of us. Taking time to love, forgive, and pray as if each day my last (because it could be) will help me to get past small annoyances and love more deeply.

3/ Accept God’s Will. I suppose we all reach a point where we have to accept God’s will whether we want to or not. Accepting it openly and readily, like Lisa did, will help me live the life God gave me, not necessarily the life I thought I was supposed to have. Ultimately, God will choose my future. I only have two options: stamp my feet and refuse to go willingly (possibly ending up in the belly of a big fish) or asking for God’s grace to go into the places He has set before me. If I really intend to live as a Christian, I cannot be half in. God’s will must be all I seek in all things.

Stay strong, Evan! Lisa, you are missed. Thank you for your example, and rest with Jesus!

God’s will must be all I seek in all things. #catholicmom

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