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Danielle Heckenkamp reviews a new book about finding a motherly connection with the Blessed Mother.

It is through reflective contemplation that souls can advance in the spiritual life and achieve perfect union with God. There is no doubt that through the assistance of Our Blessed Mother, the path to her Son is one of peace, joy, and love. At times, it can be difficult to find that motherly connection with the Blessed Mother, but in the recently published book, Mary, Teach Me to Be Your Daughter: Finding Yourself in the Blessed Mother, written by Megan Madden, this concept delves into meditative circumstances of Our Lady’s life.




Within each chapter, Madden not only meditates upon the life of the Mother of God, but also parallels this saintly life with the feminine heart. This fascinating attention to the life of Mary brings the reader closer to this beautiful path of sanctity and molds a relationship between the Mother of God and the feminine souls of her daughters. 

Megan Madden displays exquisite writing abilities as she takes the reader along the path of Our Lady’s life, through both the joys and sorrows and recognizes the degree of receptivity found in the heart and soul of Mary. Through this receptivity, holiness flowed through the heart of the mostly saintly woman on earth. This receptivity is not only destined for the Blessed Mother, it is an integral aspect of feminine nature and Madden focuses on the need for all women to strive towards this virtue. It will develop a union with Christ that all feminine hearts desire. However, the most natural way to grow in grace and holiness in through adherence to one’s primary vocation.

The means and way to this union with Christ is by and through faithfulness to the primary vocation given to each woman, whether she is single, a bride, a mother, or in the religious life. She is called to protect her state in life with diligence from the outside world because there is nothing the devil wants more than for her to leave her post. Ensuring that her state in life is her primary vocation, she can then understand how the other parts of her life relate to it: her hobbies, her dreams, relationships, and her work. All of these things should aid her primary vocation in one way or another and with grace proper balance comes (this balance will be unique to each woman and her particular call by God). (70)


This attention to holiness through one’s vocation is an integral part of earthly life, and Our Lady was the most perfect example. There is true beauty in acknowledging the importance of one’s vocation, but also recognizing the feminine desire to seek additional hobbies and dreams that send her soul soaring beyond the ordinary. Women innately strive for more, as feminine souls continually seek God and this search can be found both in both the primary vocation and in the extras. Such additions are not bad in and of themselves, but women must be diligent to perform vocational duties before the treats. This is a great reminder for all feminine hearts to recognize that the world spins quickly outside the home and it will tempt to distract the woman from the simple beauty of her vocation.  

The sweetness found among the writings of this book is not strictly based on reaching perfection, but in admiring Our Lady’s perfection even through one’s imperfections. The desires to grow in the virtues that Mary possessed are not impossible, for Mrs. Madden gently recognizes the perfection of Our Lady with the desire of encouraging all women to seek these virtues within their own lives and within the confines of their personal vocations. This is a breath of fresh air as this gentle approach includes a prayerful and peaceful way of working toward eternal glory. Mary, Teach Me to Be Your Daughter is a beautiful resource for women to contemplate the life of the Blessed Mother while learning to advance in a virtuous spiritual life as a daughter to God and His Mother. 

Ask for Mary, Teach Me to Be Your Daughter at your local Catholic bookseller, or order online from Amazon.com or the publisher, Ascension Press.



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