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Laura Range interviews a NaPro Technology care practitioner about this effective and moral medical approach to treating women’s health issues.

Long ago as a young single woman dreaming of marriage and motherhood, I was given a difficult diagnosis and told that I might be unable to have children, crushing news for someone who had always hoped to be a mom. When I married my husband, we were shocked but thrilled to conceive a baby right away, only to lose that child through miscarriage and learn that my diagnosis did indeed impact my fertility and my ability to carry a child through pregnancy.

By God's grace, we learned about something called NaPro Technology (NaPro), a unique, thorough and highly effective approach to women's health and fertility that was not only as successful as mainstream fertility treatments but also completely in line with Catholic Church teaching and morality unlike some of the more mainstream treatments. Because of my appointments and testing with them in the past ten years, my husband and I now have four beautiful living children!

Many of our friends and family have also benefited from NaPro Technology for both fertility reasons as well as general women's health issues, and we have become passionate about sharing this wonderful resource with other couples (and single women!) who desire moral, effective medical care. I recently chatted with Jana Bechstein, MPH, FCP, a local FertilityCare Practitioner (an educator for the charting of a woman's cycle for NaPro Technology) to share more about her experiences and where to learn more.


Tell us about Naprotechnology and its relationship to natural family planning.

NaPro Technology is short for Natural Procreative Technology and is a relatively newer womens health science. NaPro treatments cooperate completely with the reproductive system and are in line with God’s Plan for Fertility and Procreation. 

Part of the standard of care for NaPro Technology medical treatments is learning to chart fertility using the Creighton Model Fertility Care System. This method can be used to assist in treating women and couples as well as be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy based on selective intercourse. A couple can always know when they are fertile or infertile. There is no taking chance with the Creighton Model.


How is it better than what the mainstream medical community offers for women's health and infertility? 

NaPro Technology treats infertility as a symptom rather than a diagnosis. Symptoms such as infertility, pelvic pain, irregular cycles etc. can all point to underlying diagnosis with proven treatments. Treating the underlying problem is much more economical and long lasting than typical mainstream medical treatments.


Why do you think it isn't well-known, even sometimes within the Church community? 

It is somewhat of a well kept secret! I’m not sure why but I think that is starting to change. Awareness is increasing. Women want more control and understanding of their health. They want real solutions to real problems. They don’t want side effects. They are interested in natural and cooperative health options. I think more and more people are feeling comfortable sharing their fertility struggles and asking questions.


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What can Napro help with besides infertility? Is it useful for teenage daughters or single women? 

Although I initially became a Creighton and Practitioner to help couples struggling with infertility, I have so enjoyed working with teenagers! It is so empowering for them to understand how their body works and appreciate their fertility. I’ve seen many single women and teenagers have a huge improvement in their quality of life after being treated by NaPro physicians.


What has been your favorite part of being a FertilityCare Practitioner? 

I enjoy connecting with women and couples. Seeing them find solutions, answers, empowerment. Sharing emotions good and bad. I love them all and would really do anything for each of them.

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How can readers learn more? 

If you are interested in learning more about NaPro Techology for yourself or a family member, you can visit NaProTechnology.com to learn about the science and development of these treatments, CreightonModel.com to learn more about the charting system used and how to find a teacher, or FertilityCare.org to find out more about NaPro doctors and care centers near you as well as testimonials and additional resources!


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