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Jeannie Ewing shares thoughts about how we can cope with a lack of social connections during a time of increased isolation.

In our Hangout this week, author Jeannie Ewing shares ideas about ways that the pandemic has isolated many of us from friendships and other social connections we need n order to thrive. Jeannie offers encouragement, support, and understanding for anyone who might be feeling lonely or isolated, especially during this time. 

How have you been doing? How are you kids adjusting to different levels of social interaction, now that most of them are no longer connecting with teachers and other kids through school? 


Join us for this fun & inspiring CatholicMom Hangout. And be sure to add your thoughts, questions & ideas in the comments!

Jeannie Ewing hosts an encouraging conversation about how to navigate feelings of loneliness during Covid-19. #catholicmom


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