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Looking forward to the start of 2021, Laura Nelson recommends a sacramental fresh start for your soul.

January has always been a time of resolutions and new beginnings but, in the past, that’s all it’s been to me. This year, however, feels different. Never before have I felt this level of relief and hope at the start of a new year like I do this coming year. If I were a runner, I would imagine it’s a bit like crossing the finish line after completing a marathon; you’re exhausted physically and emotionally but you’re also filled with relief and hope that you won’t ever have to go through that again. (What? You mean runners actually want to run?!) 

The past year was such a beating. Every day there was a new round of bad news, scary headlines, or heartbreak. It was easy to feel like a boxer trying to get up after a knockout, only to be knocked down again, and again, and again. (Note: I’m also not a boxer.) I am so sick of talking about last year! In fact, I don’t even want to hear those four numerical digits being strung together in that specific order again for at least five years. As far as I’m concerned, the year should, from here forward, be referred to only as “the year which shall not be named.” Let’s put it in a bulletproof, hermetically sealed historical archive, lock it up, throw away the key, and bury it twelve feet deep. If you can’t tell, I’m ready to put the past behind us and move on to 2021 with gusto! 

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So, let’s do it! Let’s embrace the new year with hope, resolutions, and fresh starts! As Catholics, we’ve always been about fresh starts. The sacrament of Reconciliation is the biggest “fresh start” tool we’ve been given. Coming to God and laying bare your soul to Him in humility and honesty may feel scary or intimidating at times but the unconditional love and forgiveness you receive in return is the ultimate fresh start. Plus it helps you leave the past in the past. 


If you want a fresh start for your soul going into the new year, go to Reconciliation. #catholicmom

If you want a fresh start for your soul going into the new year, go to Reconciliation. The grace you receive there will help you to persevere through the remains of the pandemic and embrace the opportunities given to you by God. Let’s do what we can with enthusiasm, even if that means going outside in the bitter winter temperatures or attending yet another video meeting. And let’s do what we should with charity, even if that means wearing a mask that makes your glasses fog or your nose itch or even, heaven forbid, your face break out.

After all, we’re starting a new year year smarter and wiser. We know how to stay safe and what to do to keep ourselves mentally and emotionally healthy. And, we can keep doing those things knowing that we won’t have to do them forever. Thank you, God!

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