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Jane Korvemaker notes that even when we don't accomplish all our Advent goals (or any of them), Jesus will still come.

Advent always catches me by surprise. I don't know about you, but I’m suddenly aware that we are approximately halfway through Advent. Perhaps like me, you are also struggling to remember your normal Advent traditions and preparations. 

It is seasons like this, when I’m caught up in managing our daily lives (which always seem to be busier or more stressful every year? Is it just me?), that I have to really focus on the essential. What is most important for us to prepare our hearts for the Christmas season? 

I believe it’s an important practice to celebrate the wins we do have over focusing on all the things we missed, or started but didn’t finish, or were too overwhelmed to think about, let alone attempt to do. It is easy to discount or ignore the small things that we do offer when we feel that we’re failing to live up to our expectations. But small things, even when we think we should be capable of big things, are just as important to God. 


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Just as Mary offered a simple “Yes” to God and He grew something big from her willingness, and just as the young boy offered his fishes to Jesus and Jesus fed 5000 (not counting women and children), we know that God takes the little we can offer Him and transforms it beyond what we can imagine. So it is, too, with our imperfect Advents. 

This year, my family has successfully talked with our kids about Advent and the reason for preparing our hearts. This didn’t happen before Advent, which would have been ideal, but it’s more than not talking with them about Church seasons. It’s not even that we spoke in depth about it; our kids have ADHD and they’re elementary aged – we know the limits to their attention. 

My husband remembered to pull out the Jesse Tree last week, a capacity that I certainly didn’t have. This means that at least a few times this Advent we’ll remember to read some stories from Scripture. 


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Small things, even when we think we should be capable of big things, are just as important to God.  #catholicmom

The thing is, Jesus will come whether we’ve accomplished all we hoped to do or not. The salvation He offers to us does not expect us to be perfect, but to be willing to allow Him to order our lives, perhaps especially when we feel so disordered or disorganised in them. I don’t know how speaking to our kids briefly about the Advent season and pulling out the Jesse Tree a few times will accomplish what He wants of me, but it’s all I can offer right now. I confidently believe He will take what I give and order it to His glory, far beyond what I can imagine. 

Our hope is placed in Christ and He will not let us down. Let us offer the fishes and the yeses we have with joy, even though they may feel mediocre. Let us find comfort in knowing that Jesus loves us and will transform us as long as our hearts are willing. It is through our small gifts, such as our imperfect Advents, that allow his love to be born in us; may we keep offering these little wins for his glory.

What practice or an attitude have you been able to offer Jesus this Advent?


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