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Andrea Bear discusses a recent episode of her new podcast with Jennifer Thomas, in which they interviewed Allison Gingras about grief and the saints.

Grief can be hard. As Catholics we are fortunate to have the lives of saints to remind us that they too, experienced loss, suffered, mourned loved ones, and endured difficult times. Recently, Jennifer Thomas and I sat down with Catholic Mom Social Media Manager, Allison Gingras to discuss these very topics. In our interview, Allison shares the story behind her personal devotion to Saint Faustina and explains why friends in heaven can be great intercessors and encourage us in our trials. 

Allison shared how Saint Faustina became an unlikely friend when she found herself struggling with uncertainties as a new adoptive mother. Coming across Saint Faustina’s writings unexpectedly (although applying to different circumstances) Allison realized that the Holy Spirit was sending her a heavenly mentor to provide comfort. As she learned more about Saint Faustina, Allison revealed situations where she continued to feel a saintly influence. She recalls an encounter where Faustina’s relic made it “very clear” the saint was there to help her. “They choose us,” Allison says. 

Allison reminded us that souls in heaven (whether canonized or not) are all saints, giving an account of a time where she offered intercessory prayers to her aunts and how these prayers helped her in difficult situation. We went on to talk about the souls in Purgatory, a topic Saint Faustina often shared in her Diary, and discussed how souls in heaven aren’t the only one who intercede for us. Saint Faustina wrote that while souls in purgatory can pray for us, we must also intercede for them. Allison shared the significance of prayers for the souls, and that while many view purgatory as a place of turmoil, it’s really a sanctifying gift from God to prepare souls and purify them for heaven.  

During the interview, Jennifer and Allison even shared a “Saint Faustina moment,” reminding us it’s no coincidence that the Holy Spirit was also a guest on our show that day.  




What I loved about this interview was how our episode discussed not just grief and loss but more to the fact  that our loved ones are not as far from us as we think. This can be a great source of comfort. I too could relate when my own mother passed away, and continued to see examples of her intercession in my life and her guiding light. This provides me reassurance knowing they are busy helping us join them in heaven one day.   


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Our loved ones are not as far from us as we think. This can be a great source of comfort.


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