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Lorelei Savaryn recommends The Exorcist Files Podcast for catechesis, but cautions against listening with kids around. 

I learned about a new podcast called The Exorcist Files from a Protestant friend. Intrigued, my husband and I looked into it further and learned that this podcast, through iHeart Media, is a partnership between Christian, non-Catholic host Ryan Bethea and Catholic exorcist Fr. Carlos Martins. The Holy See had asked Fr. Martins to do a catechesis on the Church’s teachings in this area, in particular due to a rise in occult practices in our current times, and The Exorcist Files podcast is the result of that request. 


Exorcist Files podcast


We decided to give it a listen, and have very much enjoyed the first season.   

It’s a novel strategy for catechesis on the demonic, as the podcast takes actual case files from Fr. Martins’s experience as an exorcist and dramatizes them using voice actors and sound effects. This, in essence, places the listener in the room of these people’s stories. Throughout each case file, Fr. Martins catechizes on what is happening, how the spiritual realm works, how God works, and what an exorcist is and does in terms of helping those possessed or oppressed to be freed and to heal. He has chosen this format to particularly appeal to the largest age category of people leaving the Church, those aged 18-29.  

I would not recommend listening to this with children nearby, as some parts would likely be frightening for them, but as an adult listening to this podcast I am thankful for Fr. Martins and his approach to catechesis on these matters. I now feel like I understand quite a bit more about spiritual warfare, God’s power over evil, and how we as humans make decisions with our free will that can give the devil a foothold. I also feel like this will help me better explain to our children why we don’t play with things like tarot cards, Ouija boards, and the like.  

One particular standout tidbit was when Fr. Martins was sharing in an episode how, despite all of the vile things that come out of a demon’s mouth during an exorcism, he has never heard a demon take the name of the Lord in vain. There is something creatures in the spiritual realm understand about God that, despite all their blasphemy on all sorts of things, they won’t blaspheme His name. He then juxtaposed that with how casually and frequently we as humans take God’s name in vain, and cautioned against it.  

I recommend The Exorcist Files podcast to anyone who might find catechesis on this topic edifying or useful. It has ultimately helped me to better understand the power of God over evil, as well as how evil operates in this world. I am even more thankful for our Catholic faith, the richness of our theology, and for these new tools that will help me catechize our children as we guide them in life in the light of Christ. 



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