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Erika Dix finds that God will listen when we share our feelings in prayer. 

My deliverance and honor are with God, my strong rock; my refuge is with God. Trust God at all times, my people! Pour out your hearts to God our refuge! (Psalm 62:8-9)


As I started to write, I began in prayer as I usually do. I ask the Holy Spirit to guide my writing, so that His words make it to you, the reader. This time, as I was praying, I re-read the Scripture that had been shown to me, and I realized that I had not poured out my heart to God recently. This may be why I am struggling to feel strong in my faith. I then started to pour out my heart, and found the words that needed to be written.   

There is a struggle sometimes to share what is in our hearts. When I was last speaking with my spiritual director, I realized that I do keep a lot to myself, mostly because I do not want to burden others with what is going on in my life. Many have bigger things going on in their lives, so I do not mind just dealing with it myself. She pointed out that it is good to share my feelings with God, especially when I do not feel like I can share them with others around me.   

This Scripture came up after my discussion about sharing feelings, and I just heard the psalmist talking to me, saying, “See! This is what you are meant to do! God is strong and can hear your burdens!” I felt that I can trust God, He will listen, I can share my feelings with Him, and He actually wants me to. God will just listen.  




Another Scripture popped up, and I feel that it is supplemental to this one.

Worry weighs down the heart, but a kind word gives it joy. (Proverbs 12:25)


If we combine the two, we find worry that weighs on our hearts, and then we can pour out that weight to God. He is strong, and through trusting His words, we will have joy in our hearts.   

After writing this, I feel as though this article has been my prayer. My heart feels lighter and full of joy. Thank you for letting me share, and I pray these words make it to your hearts to find joy.   


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We find worry that weighs on our hearts, and then we can pour out that weight to God. #CatholicMom


Prayer: God, I am grateful that you are there for me to share my feelings with You. Trusting You with my burdens makes them easier to carry and creates a joyful heart. 



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