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Bring the light of Advent into your home with Lisa Hendey's quick, family-friendly devotional resource O Radiant Dawn.

Somehow, we are just days away from the beginning of a new liturgical year! On Sunday, November 29, we celebrate the start of Advent. For many of us who have struggled mightily with challenges in 2020, this season of light and hope hangs before us like a beacon. We desire change not only in dealing with so many health, financial and personal difficulties, but also a way to continue on our lifelong spiritual journey.


Several years back, my publisher Ave Maria Press invited me to write a brief family devotional for use around the Advent wreath. The idea was to create a tool that would be both inspirational and manageable. The result, O Radiant Dawn, remains one of my favorite projects. Although it went out of print with Ave, they kindly granted me the right to publish it on my own. I’ve made it available in both Kindle and Paperback formats on Amazon.

A simple #Advent devotional, O Radiant Dawn by Lisa Hendey: start your new year with hope, light and faith in the goodness of God's plan! #catholicmom


Thousands of families have prayed with this booklet. I plan to use it myself in our home as I’ve done in previous years. I’ll be honest though, I’ve often used the booklet for prayer well in advance of setting up my Advent wreath! I admit this sheepishly. If you write an Advent devotional, shouldn’t you have your act together enough to have the wreath and the candles?

Some years, my answer to that is, “Yes, of course.”

This year, I’ll admit that I’m barely hanging on by a thread. For lots of reasons I haven’t publicly shared (yet), I have no idea where my wreath is this year, or when it will grace our dining room table. But since I have the Kindle version of ORD (as I call it myself) on my phone, my Advent prayers don’t have to wait for me to have my act together. I will “light” a candle in my heart as Greg and I gather each evening amidst the chaos this is our current life. We need this time now more than ever.

I’m guessing perhaps you do too!

Find O Radiant Dawn in paperback or kindle format at Amazon.

A question for you: How will you be celebrating Advent this year?

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