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After acing an online Jeopardy game, Claire McGarry discovered the importance of remaining connected to God.

My son recently quizzed me with an online Jeopardy game, thinking I would fail. Much to his surprise, I answered every question right! What I didn't tell him is I had played the same game with friends just days before. All the answers were still fresh in my mind. 

The queen of Sheba, having heard a report of Solomon’s fame, came to test him with subtle questions. (1 Kings 10:1)

When the queen of Sheba hears of Solomon's wisdom, she proceeds to quiz him. No matter the difficulty, Solomon answers every question correctly. His secret was no secret at all: God was his Source.  

When God had offered him whatever he desired, Solomon had chosen wisdom. With that wisdom came the knowledge of how important it was to remain connected with God. 

Because I had recently seen the quiz my son gave me, I was equipped with the answers. Because Solomon was constantly fortifying his heart and mind by time spent with God, he was always equipped with the answers—no matter the questions.  

Solomon's story is meant to inspire us. When we choose wisdom, and use it to remain connected to God, we're given the answers to any quiz or challenge life throws our way.

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Remaining connected to God gives us the answers to the challenges life throws our way. By @ClaireMcGarry2 #catholicmom




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