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Kristina Talbot shares how her experience of storms relates to the Lord’s ability to heal and restore us  

As a native Floridian I have obtained an honorary degree in meteorology. Every year when hurricane season amps up, I have learned to read spaghetti models, barometric pressure, and factor in water temperatures all to determine when or if we need to evacuate. What I have found over the years is that sometimes, the more information I obtain, the greater my anxiety, because I do not have control over the strength and direction of the storm.   

Residing in a hurricane zone makes it inevitable that myself as well as loved ones have been directly impacted by these named storms and the scars of them often remains long after the last FEMA trailer’s departure. Already this year we have seen impacts to coastal communities and my heart is moved with compassion because I am aware that the restoration process entails much more than merely getting power restored.   


They shall rebuild the ancient ruins, the former wastes they shall raise up and restore the desolate cities, devastations of generation upon generation. (Isaiah 61:4) 




Different seasons and challenges within our lives both anticipated and unanticipated can feel like emotional storms within our hearts. But the Lord promises that He will rebuild the ruins and restore the desolate places. Thankfully, this extends to even the darkest places of our hearts. Personally, and professionally, I have seen and experienced darkness that has left space within, decimated. But when the light of love is allowed into these dark places, something beautiful occurs which transforms the devastation.    

After a hurricane, victims within the storm’s path are tasked with cleaning out rooms that have been flooded, homes that have been destroyed and piles upon piles of downed trees and limbs. The first few months, there are constant visual reminders of the damage and things look and smell like an awful mess. This is not unlike our hearts when we have been hurt or experienced trials that have left us feeling fragile, abandoned or even isolated.   


The God of all grace who called you to his eternal glory through Christ will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you after you have suffered a little. (1 Peter 5:10) 




During recovery efforts, there is a massive cleanup and restoration of the community from within. Infrastructure is gradually restored, homes are rebuilt, businesses are reopened and there is a renewed strength etched into the fabric of the community. This process takes several months and even years, but it happens through the generous outpouring of support to relief efforts and the helping hands extended among workers, neighbors, and family. While things may not ever look exactly as they were before the storm, there is a strong foundation laid to establish a new way of life that has been rebuilt with new protective measures in place to safeguard that which has been restored.  


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Christ accompanies us in and through the storms of our lives by giving us intimate access to His very body, blood, soul and divinity. #CatholicMom


We are not unlike storm zones that at times can be hit by what feels like a hurricane. Sometimes those storms can even have the name of loved ones who have hurt or betrayed us, and it can be very difficult to forgive. Yet Christ Himself enters our mess to restore that which has been broken. He provides relief services for restoration and healing in and through the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. No doubt there is a reason that we are offered the gift of these sacraments more than one singular moment in time. He knew we would need them time and time again and He accompanies us in and through the storms of our lives by giving us intimate access to His very body, blood, soul and divinity.    

There have been times, when I thought the work of restoration was complete and things were as good as they could get following the devastation from storms in my life. Yet the Lord in His goodness continues to amaze me and show of the power of His love and the depth of His mercy. Not only is He able to restore, He is also able to strengthen us in ways that allow for us to be established more firmly rooted as His beloved daughters.   



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