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Laura Range reviews a new Catholic magazine that teaches kids about the faith in fun and engaging ways.

I grew up in the 1990s, so nothing says summertime like lounging outdoors with a magazine and a glass of lemonade. I grew up eagerly awaiting the monthly Clubhouse and Brio magazines published by the Christian organization Focus on the Family. Packed full of stories, games, interviews, recipes, and more, these magazines not only entertained me but also helped shape my worldview and my relationship with Jesus even as a child. So when I heard about Rooted, the new Catholic magazine for kids, I was excited that this legacy of faith-shaping through fun magazines can continue for my own children and yours!  


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Rooted was started by Jessica Benfield, a mom with previous experience as an elementary teacher who was passionate about sharing the faith in joyful and appealing ways. Today's children are overwhelmed by messages through peers, technology, and media on a daily basis that are contrary to our Catholic Faith. Jessica's mission with Rooted is "to combat these messages by continuing to reinforce Christ’s infinite goodness and love in our lives. We need to keep kids Rooted," she says on her website.  

Each magazine contains engaging content such as stories, puzzles and games, Scripture, crafts and recipes, a monthly devotional, and a specific saint and a virtue to learn about. The magazines are well-written with a great mix of deeper theological content as well as light-hearted activities. There are spaces for drawing, journaling questions, and coloring pages. Children can even submit their own drawings and writings to be included in the "From Our Readers" section! 

I am delighted with this magazine for my children that will not only share basic Christian truths like my childhood magazines did, but includes all the beautiful fullness of our Catholic Faith such as the Sacraments, Our Lady, and the saints. These magazines would be a wonderful gift for your children and would also be excellent as a subscription for parishes or religious education use. 

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