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Sr. Christina Marie Neumann, OSF, describes connections we can share with St. Angela Merici, who is celebrated on January 27. 

Tomorrow’s memorial of Saint Angela Merici has long been on my radar. As the older sister of someone sharing her name, I remember looking up the saint’s story one day, possibly at the library.   

I learned, and never forgot, that she was called (at least by that other) the “friend of little girls.” I thought this was perfect for my sister, who was almost seven years younger than me.   

Later, having entered the Franciscan Order, to which Saint Angela first belonged, I found another connection with the Italian saint of the Renaissance.   

Although I knew her as the foundress of the Ursuline Sisters, I hadn’t realized that she is patroness of sick, disabled, and physically challenged people as well as people grieving the loss of parents, according to Catholic Online.   

Saint Angela made a wonderful contribution to her society in providing religious education and sacramental preparation to young girls of her area who lacked resources and much chance for a good life.  


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Through the communion of saints, Saint Angela Merici can be not only the friend of little girls but our friend as well.


It seems that Saint Angela’s areas of work and patronage touch on many different aspects of her life. It’s wonderful that, through the communion of saints, she can be not only the friend of little girls but our friend as well.



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