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Shelly Henley Kelly reviews a new film about the Camino de Santiago, in theaters in English and Spanish for one night only: March 28, 2023.

Each year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims travel an ancient network of routes leading to St. James’ tomb at the cathedral Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. For one night only, Tuesday, March 28, the documentary, “Santiago—THE CAMINO WITHIN” by Ahava Productions offers us an opportunity to experience for ourselves the blessings and beauty of walking the Camino. More than a physical journey testing one's endurance, the Camino is a spiritual journey testing one's faith. 


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This 66-minute film is a feast for the senses with visually stunning images set to music, punctuated by the community and testimony of fellow travelers. Bishop Donald Hying narrates the experience, opening with a brief background on St. James and the origin of the Camino. His spiritual reflections guide our thoughts inward, creating a personal introspective journey toward God. 

At a slow, unhurried pace, every part of the experience is carefully presented from sweeping vistas to wondrous details. On the big screen, we are there, immersed in the experience until the closing song fills us “Santiago, Santiago, Santiago, el camino llama.” (Translation: "The Way calls.") 

Along the Camino, we are invited to find rest and reflection; to reap the spiritual benefits that come through pondering the true meaning in our lives, relationships, and faith.  

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Like contemplating a sunset, savoring a powerful poem, or gazing on a masterful work of art, ‘Santiago—The Camino Within’ will feed your soul. (Bishop Donald Hying) 


Buen Camino. 

Tickets for Santiago—The Camino Within can be purchased through FathomEvents.com.



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