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Sarah Torbeck reviews the challenging, but worthwhile, new book by Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, PhD.

I hail from a family of biologists, musicians, and writers—which may, or may not, have adequately prepared me for the task of reading this profound and critical work: Science at the Doorstep to God by Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, PhD. 




I used to consider myself a reasonably learned sort of person, but it turns out that I was woefully mistaken. The premises, laws, theories, and intellectual constructs contained within this text schooled my sensibilities into a sort of quivering mass of humility: grateful for an occasional, if not meager, understanding of the massive intellectual power at work in this book. 

The initial premise sounds rather simple: prove that God exists through the laws of logic, physics, biology, metaphysics, and medicine. What could go wrong?  

Actually—nothing goes wrong, but I’ll whittle it down for you anyway: Fr. Spitzer’s precise, if not granular explanations of the physical laws that govern time and space, their infinite parameters and near-impossible probabilities, combined with the very real and documented incidents of a transcendent soul that exists outside of human limitations—are well-researched, clarified, and distilled into convincing evidence—even proofs—for the existence of God, and the correlating reflection of God: which is … the human soul. 

Fr. Spitzer begins with the physical laws that govern the Big Bang Theory and moves into the numerous theories regarding the origin of the universe. This is vital since the relationship between the Creator and His creation must be established.  

Spitzer then examines the probability factor, which is etched into the almost unlimited possibilities (or parameters) of possible outcomes. The result is the seemingly implausible conclusion that the constraints and processes necessary for our world to exist are so finite (finite parameters) that there is really no other explanation for their existence—other than an intelligent Creator, who created our universe, and its inhabitants. 

I admit that there are pages of dizzying formulas and physical laws that Fr. Spitzer presents as evidence for the existence of God, but these are entirely necessary for those who are not convinced by the inner vibrations of his own transphysical consciousness … or soul. 

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this book is Fr. Spitzer’s willingness to explore the myriad examples of Near Death Experiences using the scientific method of analysis to make convincing and definitive arguments for the existence of a soul, and its attributes within and outside the limits of physicality. His examinations and conclusions are compelling, and worth your time, even if you do not consider yourself a logician or physicist (illustrious groups of thinkers that I can only look upon with awe). 

Despite my many shortcomings, I was both stymied and enthralled with Science at the Doorstep to God. In fact, I was so taken with the hypotheses, evidence, and analysis, that I am sure I will purchase the companion piece to this book, titled: Science at the Doorstep to Christ—not because I am unconvinced! Rather, I wish to increase my knowledge base, so that I can convince others of the existence of the Triune God. 

Ask for Science at the Doorstep to God at your local Catholic bookseller, or order online from Amazon.com or the publisher, Ignatius Press.




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