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Jennifer Thomas highlights some of the ways episodes of the Catholic Momcast have impacted her faith.

I was first introduced to the world of Catholic Mom by way of the Catholic Momcast, the podcast series hosted by the founder of CatholicMom.com Lisa Hendey, along with various guests and co-hosts over the years. The first episode was released on January 20, 2018, ironically (or, in true "Godcidence" fashion) right around the time I found my way back to my faith and yearning for anything and everything I could find to help me navigate this new territory of being a Catholic mom. Having just discovered podcasts in general, I quickly hit the "subscribe" button after listening to that first episode.

One of the first things I learned through the Catholic Momcast was that listeners were (and still are) encouraged to submit questions for potential discussion on the podcast. I took advantage of this and, very nervously submitted my question to editor@catholicmom.com. I was pleasantly surprised when my email was read online and the hosts answered my question with love and grace in Episode 19: Sharing Faith with Loved Ones. 




From that point on, I became a regular listener. Within each episode of the podcast, whether it is interviewing the author of a newly released book, simply giving advice on the struggles we women face as daughters of God and within our respective vocations as wife or mother, or discovering the many different saints (Episode 41:There's a Saint for That), the over-arching theme is around faith, family, and fun. I found that not only was this an uplifting podcast that strives to bring us closer to God, there are also a great deal of other resources that are typically linked within the show notes.

Because of the podcast, I have been introduced to so many aspects of my faith I never knew existed: from Adoration (Episode 28: Adoration Help with Vinny Flynn and Episode 83: Getting Started with Adoration) to spiritual direction (Episode 165: Learning the Basics about Spiritual Direction) as well as ideas for ways to celebrate the various liturgical seasons and feast days (Episode 170: Saints of Advent), there are plenty of topics I have enjoyed learning more about. 


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Because of the Catholic Momcast, I have been introduced to so many aspects of my faith I never knew existed. #catholicmom

I encourage you, if you have not yet done so already, to check out the Catholic Momcast. If there is a particular topic you’re curious about, I encourage you to search through the more than 200 episodes. And if you don’t see an episode about the topic, just do like I did and send an email to editor@catholicmom.com. You never know, your letter could become the inspiration for the next episode and help other women out there. God bless!



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