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Reflecting on Peter’s request to walk on the water, Jen Scheuermann considers the things that often prevent her from pursuing the dreams of her own heart.

The wind is howling, and the waves are crashing around us. We set sail hours ago but have made little headway with the weather. Although I’m seated comfortably in my den, through imaginative prayer I’m also in the boat with the disciples, battling the weather. Looking out over the water a ghost begins walking towards us, and we shake in fear. My eyes simply don’t believe what they’re seeing. And a moment later, as the ghost identifies itself as Jesus, and as an absurd question stumbles from Peter’s mouth, my ears join their disbelief.

“Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” (Matthew 14:28)



Although right now no place feels safe, it seems at least logical that we stay in the boat. But apparently this is not what Peter’s heart desired. No, despite our fears and these unexplained circumstances, Peter’s response to seeing Jesus walk on water is to boldly stand up and request an invitation to join Him.

I tried to continue watching as the scene played out, but my imagination refused to participate. I picked up the Bible and tried to keep reading, but this request from Peter captured my focus, and I could not concentrate as I tried to read on. Each attempt to move forward in the scene, through both my imagination and reading, proved futile. I knew God was inviting me to sit in this space, with this verse, a little longer.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by God’s invitation to reflect on this verse. After all, the space between a new idea popping into my head and actually taking that first step to make it happen is often where I get stuck. This is where I hear a quiet voice, one that sounds so much like my own, list the many reasons I should not follow my heart and take action. 


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Sitting with this verse, picturing Peter as he boldly asked Jesus to invite him out onto the water, I wondered ...

Right after this idea popped into his head, but before the words stumbled out of his mouth, did Peter pause? Did he hear a voice, one that sounded much like his own, telling him the idea was ridiculous? Did he hear a voice, filled with logic, listing the reasons his idea would never work? Did he hear a voice, hissing with condemnation, suggesting his idea was clearly rooted in pride? Did he hear a voice, filled with authority, reminding him he lacked the skills and talents required to accomplish this feat? Or did he simply hear a voice whispering that it couldn’t be done?  

Did he nearly reconsider, choosing instead to remain seated and quiet so others wouldn’t know his desire that burned within? Had Peter almost missed his own miracle?

We don’t know. The Gospel doesn’t give us those details.


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May the Lord’s voice be ever present in our ears, always drowning out discouragement from the enemy. #catholicmom

But it does show us that after he focused on Jesus and heard His reassuring voice, Peter did speak up. He brought the desire of his heart right to Jesus. And in doing so, he ultimately received an invitation to step out of the boat, bringing his dream to life.

May we always remember that the deepest desires of our hearts are often placed there by the Lord. May we be brave enough to bring these dreams to God in prayer so we can discern whether our desires are in line with God’s plan for our lives. May the Lord’s voice be ever present in our ears, always drowning out discouragement from the enemy. May our trust in the Lord and His abilities always overshadow our own limitations. And when the Lord invites us to act, may we always be brave enough to step forward, reaching for Jesus, so the dreams He’s planted in our hearts can become reality.

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