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Video: Christie Anne discusses how women can support each other after miscarriage.

While it's not often talked about, miscarriage is very common. Studies show that up to one in four women will experience a pregnancy loss. Therefore you likely know a woman who has experienced it, even if they do not openly discuss it. What does the Catholic Church teach about miscarriage? How can we support those women in our lives who have experienced a loss? These are all important topics, and so I sat down with Marie from Walking With the Hansons to answer all of these questions and more. 

Here's what we discussed during our interview:

  • Can you have a baby baptized after experiencing a loss through miscarriage or stillbirth?
  • What happens to our babies after they pass away? Do they become saints? Angels? 
  • Do they go to Purgatory or "Limbo,” or are they in Heaven?
  • Is the concept of Limbo part of Church doctrine? How did this become a popular idea? 
  • What can a Catholic woman do after a miscarriage or other loss to begin healing? What did you find especially helpful?
  • How can you support someone who has experienced a loss? What would you recommend people NOT do? 
  • Any advice for married couples experiencing pregnancy loss?



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More about Marie: Marie Hanson is a Catholic writer and speaker who, in addition to teaching, coaches and mentors women in their faith and fertility journeys. Together with her husband, they speak and write on dating, marriage, natural family planning, and fertility. She is the host of The Catholic Woman Podcast, and reaches thousands of young Catholics across the globe. Find her blog at WalkingWithTheHansons.com and follow her on Instagram @walkingwiththehansons.

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