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We're praying together each Sunday of Lent and on Easter, inspired by Jen Norton's prayer journal from Ave Maria Press.

Contemporary Catholic artist Jen Norton offers an opportunity to ponder the extravagant love of Christ through the Stations of the Cross. Combining Norton’s powerful, full-color illustrations with Scripture, her original reflections and prayers, and journaling space, Surrender All will help you encounter Christ’s Passion in a new light.

Resurrected Christ embracing an apostle

Dear Jesus:

Help me to grow in your love and to surrender all for your kingdom. You are not a distant God, remotely judging and condemning from afar. You are a personal God, alive in me. You call me by name. You created me, and all people, to share the same breath of spirit and the same dignity, which you have bestowed upon us from conception. When I am tempted to think too highly of myself, relying on my own understanding and worried about worldly opinions, remind me that in you I am already enough. When I am tempted to judge others, let me recall that I do not have that authority. I cannot be separated from your love, unless I choose to be. Help me do your will.


Dear Jesus, help me to grow in your love and to surrender all for your kingdom. #catholicmom

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Images and prayers from Surrender All by Jen Norton are used with the kind permission of the publisher, Ave Maria Press. All rights reserved.