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Jena Muhr and her children enjoyed reading a new graphic novel for children by Jean-Francois Kieffer.

The Adventures of Loupio Volume 7: The Fire and Other Stories by Jean-Francois Kieffer follows a friend of St. Francis in three adventures where Loupio travels and explores to help friends and is aided by a friend of St. Francis, Brother Wolf.  




This comic book is easy to read and follow for children, and mine genuinely enjoyed it. It was our first comic book and being a Catholic based comic book makes it even more special! The main story tells about Loupio being helped by his friends to clear his name when he is accused of starting a fire in a nobleman’s forest. With the help of friends, some clever thinking and Brother Wolf, Loupio is aided in the title tale, "The Fire." 

I would recommend this book for elementary aged readers, both boys and girls.

Ask for The Adventures of Loupio Vol. 7: The Fire and Other Stories at your local Catholic bookseller, or order online from Amazon.com or the publisher, Ignatius Press.


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