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Lisa Simmons shares her appreciation for those who have helped her in the past, and her encouragement to use the Holy Spirit's gifts to help others.

Whee … I am finally back to working full time after being out for a couple weeks recovering from hip replacement surgery. If this sounds familiar, less than two years ago I was having knee replacement surgery. I know: I know how to have fun in life! Ha!

I am trying not to feel too overwhelmed by everything at work, but the first thing I had to do was finish organizing our Parish Picnic that I was in charge of. Thank the Lord, I had squad leaders that did most of the work. I only had to organize things! But it was a wonderful day of community spirit in our parish with people helping out all over the place. Which brings me to my subject: helpers. They come in so many different forms and while we all appreciate them, we tend to just say thanks and be on our way.

But it was important to me this week to especially acknowledge helpers, not only with our parish picnic but with my surgery too. There was Lisa, who came into my hospital room the morning following the surgery and woke me up, helped me wash up and dress and get out of bed. She was the same wonderful lady to helped me two years ago with my knee surgery, too! I was truly blessed to have her there.

There were all the picnic helpers who were worried I was walking around three weeks following my surgery and kept insisting on doing all the work of setting up tables and chairs and running for things.

And one of the most beautiful stories I have is a memory my dad related of what happened on a his business trip to Japan. His was a story of a total stranger helping someone who was lost.

My dad had been in Japan on business and had left a meeting late at night. He boarded the wrong train and headed out of Tokyo. Realizing he was going the wrong way, he jumped out at the first station, which was deserted. "I knew I was in trouble because everything shuts down at midnight," he said. "There wasn't another soul there except an old Japanese man sweeping the platform with a little broom. He didn't speak any English, but I showed him the card from my hotel, that was English on one side and Japanese on the other. He walked me back into the station and held out his hand for money and purchased my ticket from the automated machine. He then took me to the right track and waited for the train. He pushed me aboard the next train, and bowed as I left. If he hadn't been there, I'll still be on the outskirts of Tokyo!"


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Let's make the most of the Holy Spirit's gifts by listening with our hearts so we can be helpers too! #catholicmom

Helpers come in so many different forms, shapes, and sizes. Sometimes we are a helper and don't even know it! But I believe the Holy Spirit inspires us at times with nudges and pushes to be in the right place at the right time. I could not have gotten myself out of a hospital bed without the help of the nursing assistant, or on a parish picnic without the help of so many other wonderful people, and I hate to think what would have happened to my dad if that man hadn't been in the right place at the right time and despite a language barrier, able to help my dad find his way back to where he belonged!

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are given freely to all us at Baptism and renewed in Confirmation. Let's make the most of those gifts by listening with our hearts so we can be helpers too!


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