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As she gets bumped around in life, Erika Dix learns to let go and give the steering wheel to God.

The Lord is the redeemer of the souls of his servants; and none are condemned who take refuge in him. (Psalm 34:23)


It has been a bumpy ride lately. I have used the image of bumper cars previously, and it seems to be an image that is sticking around. I often struggle with how to let go of control, especially when things around me are out of control. The bumper cars are a good image to explain because I tend to hold on to the steering wheel even harder, especially when I have been hit, or I can see a hit coming.  

Guilty. I am guilty. That is a big hit. It is heavy, and it can be big or small, but still have an impact. I feel guilty mostly because I am trying to control everything around me, except my reactions. It is hard to turn to God when everything is storming around us. We take in a lot and sustain damage, minor or major. Our own reactions can cause damage as well, to all those around us, especially our loved ones. 




God is here to take us back, to redeem us if you will. He wants to live through us, living on the inside, spreading His glory through us. He is quiet and protective, and we are protected when we take God in. Through Communion, Confession, prayer, and serving others. His refuge is Him inside us! Refuge from our guilt. 


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God is quiet and protective, and we are protected when we take God in. #catholicmom


The image of the bumper cars has shifted for me. I now feel God’s hands covering mine on the steering wheel, and I feel that I do not have to hold on so hard. Both hands on the wheel, gentle yet with firm, strong guidance. Striving until the end of the ride. 


Dear God, I will take refuge in You. I will take You in. I will give you my guilt and not be afraid. I will allow You to order my day, and guide me to the end. 



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