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On the Among Women podcast, Pat Gohn interviews Barb Szyszkiewicz about her book, The Handy Little Guide to Prayer.

A mid-summer podcast about one of the most important subjects for a Christian—our prayer life! This topic is dear to my heart and you’ll find many related podcasts (listed below) that I hope you’ll investigate if you have time. The care and feeding of your soul comes from a life of prayer that is coupled with sanctifying grace found in the sacraments, chief among them—the Eucharist. Today’s focus on prayer comes from my conversation with author and blogger, and longtime friend, Barb Szyszkiewicz, who brings us a new book, The Handy Little Guide: PRAYER. 

I recommend Barb’s book not only for yourself, but as a gift for others. It’s short and an economical purchase, too. It’s the latest in The Handy Little Guide Series from Our Sunday Visitor.


The Handy Little Guide to Prayer


In our saint segment, we power up with inspiration, wisdom and advice and drawn from several saints on the how-and-why’s about prayer. So much good stuff, below. Be sure to check out the book and the related podcasts!



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