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Amelia Bentrup reviews the new children's book, The Hound of the Lord: The Story of Saint Dominic, by Eleanor Bourg Nicholson and Amadine Wanert.

The Hound of the Lord: The Story of Saint Dominic by Eleanor Bourg Nicholson and Amadine Wanert is a cute story that teaches children about the life of Saint Dominic through the eyes of his legendary faithful traveling companion, his dog, Torch. Geared towards beginning independent readers, this short chapter book will be enjoyed by children from around second through fifth grade.  




While this book is geared towards children, it contains a lot of information and for its purpose, gives a detailed and interesting look at the life of Saint Dominic. The story begins with Saint Dominic’s family and early life and progresses throughout his adulthood, ordination to the priesthood, travels, works, and teaching. While the book talks about his life, much attention is paid to Saint Dominic’s holy attributes, his devotion to God, his love of others, and his kindness and generosity.    

The book also touches on wars, heresies, and other important issues at the time of Saint Dominic’s life, in a simple way that children can understand. While this is not a picture book, there are several simple yet beautiful illustrations throughout the book that reinforce some of the symbols associated with Saint Dominic.  

Prior to reading this book with my children, I did not know much about Saint Dominic, so even as an adult, I learned quite a bit and enjoyed the simple yet informative writing style. The authors bring this saint to life and his story is told in a fun and engaging manner that children will enjoy.   

Like all good saint stories, this book is inspiring and encouraging and is a great tool to teach children more about Saint Dominic and his founding of the Dominicans. My two young children especially enjoyed the way the story was told from the viewpoint of his dog. This story would make a great addition to any Catholic family’s bookshelf and would make a wonderful Advent or Christmas present.  

Ask for The Hound of the Lord: The Story of Saint Dominic at your local Catholic bookseller, or order online from Amazon.com or the publisher, Ignatius Press.




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