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Meg Herriot explains how curiosity can be an asset in some situations - and may even be prompted by the Holy Spirit.

The old expression, "curiosity killed the cat" definitely has its place. I see many of my patients who get in trouble from being overly curious. There is obviously also a spiritual hazard in being the wrong kind of curious: gossip, judging others, and the like. Curiosity in some circumstances can be a gift.

I have benefited greatly from someone's curiosity. Without trying to get too much into my history, (but enough so this will be understood) I was in very close proximity to a predator. This predator who caused misery for many girls and young women definitely had evil at work in his life. Though my interactions with this person were 20 years ago, I have been working on processing the feelings the past couple of years. Dealing with fear, betrayal and also not quite remembering what happened during that time of my life (I was on medication that actually messed with memory back then), I turned to prayer. I also felt confused and maybe a little bit of guilt, that these others experienced such horrible things and I was given the grace to keep my childhood innocence.

As time has gone on and I've processed more, I realized something. The sports trainer who was attached to my team ALWAYS was at my appointments. He was a fairly big guy who later on joined the military. I reached out to him because I really felt I needed to say thank you. I asked him if he remembered always being at my medical appointments and he said, "Yes, I always tried to, not because I suspected anything, which I feel awful I didn't and could have done something, but because I was curious and wanted to learn."


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His innocent curiosity about medicine is most likely what saved me from horrible violations. His presence provided me protection I didn't even know I needed. I am truly grateful. I also have to think the Holy Spirit had something to do with his curiosity and his call to be present.


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If the Holy Spirit is prompting you to be curious, follow that prompt. #catholicmom

So remember, while curiosity can get you into trouble, it can keep others out of it. If the Holy Spirit is prompting you to be curious, follow that prompt. You may not ever know why, but curiosity and being present can be great gifts.


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