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Anna Maria De Guid recalls how a lost cell phone figured in a divine rescue.

A group of elementary-school parents who hadn’t gotten together in ages had a potluck dinner at our home on a Friday evening. Though guests brought wine and desserts, Paul and I prepared the main dishes.

The following day, Saturday, we invited Paul’s extended family over, after dinner at a restaurant, for coffee, tea, and desserts at our home. The next day, Sunday, we had our second home-cooked dinner for immediate family and out-of-town relatives. Wanting to satisfy everyone’s palate, Paul and I overdid ourselves preparing everything from the rib roast, chicken, Shrimp Madeleine, sides and trimmings, to another table filled with decadent desserts. Everyone left our home saying they wouldn’t be eating for a week. (We don’t think so.)

After all the guests had gone, Paul and I felt we survived a double back-to-back entertaining. We left most of the house in disarray as we changed into our pajamas and went straight to bed.

It was almost midnight when Paul’s sister Carla called.

“Sorry to bother you, but I can’t find my phone. I must have left it at your home.” I searched the places where the guests gathered – the kitchen, dining room, and den. Didn’t find anything.

It was past 1 A.M. when I went back to bed.

At 2 A.M., I was awoken by a stifled beeping sound. I went to the den where the sound seemed to emanate from, but the tone stopped. I went back to sleep.

At 3 A.M., the beeping woke me up again but ceased before I even reached the den. I looked under the sofa cushions, lifted the magazines and newspapers left on the tables, and eyed the bookshelves, but could not find it. I was a little thirsty, so I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.


Lo and behold, I saw that the stove was left on! The contents of the pot were cracked, bone-dry, and just about to smoke and burn! I was so relieved to have turned off the stove in time. I went back to bed thanking God for the wake-up calls.

The following morning Paul found the cell phone and returned it to Carla. It had done its job at our house.

I went back to bed thanking God for the wake-up calls. #catholicmom

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