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As a blue jay flies by her window, Claire McGarry ponders all the mysteries and answers God weaves into Creation.

As a big and beautiful blue jay flew by my window the other day, the Wright Brothers came to mind. It was the result of observing and studying birds that inspired and equipped them to build the first airplane. It got me wondering:

If God hadn't created birds, would airplanes exist today? 

I also wondered what life would be like if God never sent us His Only Begotten Son. When the Scribes and Pharisees were getting it wrong, it was Jesus who put things back on track. He knew what His Father meant with every word He uttered. So, Jesus spent His ministry clarifying things, inspiring them, and us, to new heights.  

God continues to send that same inspiration through everything He's created. The rising sun teaches us there will always be a new day to start again. The life-giving rain illustrates the endless mercy He showers upon us. The smiling stranger embodies the grace God places inside everyone.

I believe God has already woven the answers to all our problems into Creation itself. #catholicmom

In fact, I believe God's already tucked the answers to all of our problems inside the people and things He's created. Like the Wright Brothers, we just need to take the time to observe and study our surroundings. When we open our eyes and minds wide enough, we'll be able to recognize and uncover them. 



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Image: Pixabay (2020)