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Pam Spano shares a story of the power of surrendering our will to God's.

In last month’s missalette, I came across this reflection:  

“What word is God calling you to take to heart, nurture, and bring forth?”  

First: STOP! Clear the mind of clutter and negativity.  

Second: SURRENDER! Surrender to the will of God: Jesus I trust in you! Hail Mary …   

A recent experience forced me to stop and surrender. Both words became my mantra for two weeks. The blessings and strength in my faith in Jesus and along with His Mother were immediate. During this time, the Lord and His Mother revealed their presence on a daily basis. As soon as I uttered both words, I felt comfort and peace.  

My prayers and those of a friend of mine were answered. The experience was remarkable.    

My friend had prayed for nearly 30 years for a friend of hers. Her prayers were answered within a week. The radiance in her face when she told me was an amazing experience on its own.  

The burden I carried for two weeks slowly lifted. I noticed the Miraculous Medal that I had recently purchased became heavier around my neck. I realized Mary had taken on the weight of my burden. The medal has since become lighter.  


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What word is God calling you to take heart, nurture, and bring forth? #CatholicMom


What word is God calling you to take heart, nurture, and bring forth?  

Don’t think too hard on it. Let it come on its own. Use the word “stop” to clear the mind if you have to and then let God speak to you. You will find, as I did, He will provide you with what you need. 



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