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To listen to this week's podcast, simply hit "play" above, or subscribe in iTunes! This week, Lisa & Danielle discuss ways to make gratitude a habit in your life and set a good example of gratefulness all year round. Some ideas discussed: 1. Say it. Speak your words of gratitude to your family and others. 2. Write it down. Consider sending a thank-you note, an email a text or even keeping a gratitude journal as a way of remind yourself to be grateful every day. 3. Remind yourself. Look for ways to add gratitude to your daily practices including prayer time and meals. 4. Look for the good. Practice the habit of looking for the good stuff, even inside of tough situations or challenges. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences! We love to hear from you with feedback, questions & ideas for future podcast topics. Email us at editor@catholicmom.com or send us a voicemail or connect on social media! Thanks for listening!

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