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Sisters and Catholic Mom contributors Lisa Henley Jones and Shelly Henley Kelly team up on the Of Sound Mind and Spirit podcast.

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Shelly and Lisa are two sisters on a journey of faith.  On their podcast, Of Sound Mind and Spirit, they discuss why faith is important and how they can live it in areas of parenting, community, mid-life, service, and marriage.  They’re not perfect, and don’t have all the answers.  But they invite you to walk with them as they explore ways to better know and grow in their faith – together.

Lisa Henley Jones is a wife, mom, and native Texan. Together with her sister Shelly, Lisa shared about her life as influenced by her faith at their website and on their podcast, Of Sound Mind and Spirit.  For fun, Lisa enjoys reading, walking, cheering on her teen daughter at soccer games and wearing the college colors of her young adult kids. 

Shelly Henley Kelly is a wife, mother of three, and native Texan who writes and records with her sister on "Of Sound Mind and Spirit. When not writing or recording, Shelly can be found keeping the scorebook at her son’s baseball games, diving deep into historical research, or hiding with a good book in between games.

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CatholicMom Voices features contributors Lisa Jones and Shelly Kelly on their podcast, Of Sound Mind and Spirit. #CatholicMom

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