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Lisa Hendey and Bayleigh Marquis are joined by Catholic Mom contributor Susan Ciancio for a conversation about how we can embrace and teach a culture of life in our homes and in society. 

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The Culture of Life Studies Program is a pre-K-12 Catholic, pro-life education program that supplements regular school curricula and that teaches students the value and dignity of all people—born and preborn. We offer standalone lessons on topics such as the sanctity of life, marriage, euthanasia, the preborn baby, caring for others, and many lessons on saints that range from one day to four weeks and that are easily integrated into a school, a homeschool, or a CCE lesson plan. 

Susan Ciancio is a freelance editor who serves as the director and executive editor of American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program and is executive editor of ALL’s Celebrate Life Magazine. 

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Lisa Hendey, Bayleigh Marquis, and CatholicMom contributor Susan Ciancio discuss the Culture of Life Studies Program. #CatholicMom

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