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Hosts Maria Morera Johnson, Sarah Reinhard, and Barb Szyszkiewicz make an exciting announcement about Lisa Hendey's new role as Catholic Mom Ambassador, and then go all fan-girl.

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Lisa Hendey founded Catholic Mom in 1999 when she discovered that there were practically zero resources for Catholic Moms on the internet. She created a website where she could post activities to help other moms with small children who were looking for resources, too. Eventually, it grew into a kind of crowd-sourced resource, where Lisa invited other moms to share their strategies and resources, and the beautiful Catholic Mom Contributors team was born. Lisa envisioned not just a great place to gather resources and create community, but also a space for Catholic women writers to practice their craft while providing both practical and spiritual resources for moms and families.


In 2017, Holy Cross Family Ministries acquired CatholicMom.com, and it gave this beautiful platform a wider audience and a stronger reach to provide spiritual support to Catholic moms and families. You might also see that we have dads and religious sisters and priests writing for us, too. We so very much love and appreciate the 140 Catholic Mom contributors that make up our writing team!


Lisa has taken on a new role as Catholic Mom Ambassador, and we thought we’d do a little retrospective as a big thank you to Lisa for first of all, founding this awesome resource, but also, from the bottom of our hearts, for being a true Catholic Mom to us all, walking this faith journey of our vocation as mothers through all the seasons with littles, teenagers and young adults, and for many of us, into the golden age of being grandmothers. Thank you Lisa, and God bless you in your new role!


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