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Maria Morera Johnson and Heidi Hess Saxton the red-carpet premiere of Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist.

Heidi Saxton and I had the honor of attending the red-carpet premiere of the new documentary from the Diocese of Orange and Spirit Filled Hearts Ministry, Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist.

The film is playing in the theaters only three days: June 4-6. I attended the first night, last evening, with friends from my parish women's group. It was wonderful to talk afterward and hear about the moments in the film that really spoke to each woman. Although there are many stand-out moments, for me, the story-telling aspect of the film convicted me. It is a mix of strong catechesis with engaging evangelization. The narrative shifts from the invitational quality of evangelization that engages us and draws us in, and then seamlessly moves into beautiful catechetical explanations for the mystery of the Eucharist. History and Faith come together to renew a yearning for the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Enjoy this recap of interviews from the premiere, and check your local theaters for the showing times.




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- Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist

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