Today's Gospel: Mark 1:21-28 There are several instances when Jesus drives a demon, or unclean spirit, out of a person. Jesus calmly and with authority tells them to leave. And they do. What was going on back in the day that so many people are possessed by demons? Were people that much more sinful than us? To believe that would be a disservice to the people of Jesus’ time and all of us. Demons still possess people, but at first glance, they seem fairly innocent. They are not. Demons of relativism - it’s ok for you even if it’s not ok for me. Demons of hedonism – it must be ok because it feels good. Demons of alcohol, drugs, tobacco – addictions that harm the body our soul lives in. Demons of blindness to the truths that God has revealed to us – His real presence in the Eucharist, the power of reconciliation. Demons of a culture of death – that life can be ended because it is inconvenient whether it is a baby or an elderly person. Demons of selfishness, anger, impatience, self loathing, pride, jealousy. We don’t have to stay possessed by these demons of the world. Jesus can very simply and calmly help us cast them out. We only need to ask Him to help us. One brilliant way to fight our demons is through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. By acknowledging our sinfulness and resolving to do better, we align ourselves more closely to Christ. Another effective way is prayer. Tell our Lord we cannot do this on our own. Ask for His help. He is waiting to help us; we just need to ask. It will take time and it will be a battle but we know that Jesus already won the war and with Him, we will too.


What demon are you battling with? Today, ask Jesus to be on your team.


Jesus, cast out the demons in my life. Give me the courage to rely on You and not on things of this world.
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