Today's Gospel: Matthew 6:7-15 I’ve gotta say, I like the Our Father. Big fan. Especially for a gal who is prone to stumbling and mixing up words, having Jesus tell me EXACTLY what to say is a big help. It’s the pajama time prayer in our house and it is a perfect way to wind down the day that just happened. There’s so much goodness! Thanks, Daddy, for being awesome. Thanks for waking me up today. Big thumbs up for all that food. And as the prayer goes on, and I continue to wrestle pajamas on a squirmy toddler, we get to THAT PART: “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Gut punch. Forgiveness is completely life-giving and wonderful and essential to living in the harmony with our brothers and sisters in Christ. And I’m really, really bad at it, like monumentally bad. I dwell in the past. I marinate in past hurts. I prolong pain by denying myself and the people around me the sweet, hard act of forgiving and moving beyond hurt. And if we had a less merciful God, I would be in super big trouble. I definitely don’t forgive up to the standard that has been handed to me by my creator. And I’m 3000% sure that’s why Jesus included THAT PART in his Prayer 101 lesson. I need the reminder to forgive and I need it daily. So, as I close the door to my daughter’s room and the day that just occurred, I remember that tomorrow needs to be better. I will be gentle with others. I will let go of pain and I will show others as much mercy as my Heavenly Father shows me, even if only a fraction of it sticks. But every day, I’m called to try.


Forgiveness takes practice. Offer someone in your life forgiveness today, whether they deserve it or not. How is your day, your mood, and your life different when you forgive?


Lord, I messed up again today. Forgive the failures in me and teach me to forgive like You.
Copyright 2018 Jennifer Durney Jennifer Durney ministers to the young church of the Diocese of Erie in a variety of roles, all of which try her patience and stretch her heart in the best ways possible. She is blessed to share her passions and her life with her husband, Matt, and is in love with being Momma to their beautiful daughter, Vivianne. Receive newsletters in your inbox, including the Daily Gospel Reflection each morning! * indicates required
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