Today's Gospel: Matthew 13:31-35 - St. Ignatius of Loyola I always feel better when the disciples ask Jesus to explain a parable. Makes me feel a little less dense. Jesus knows that there are good and evil people in the world. He knows the devil is real and working against Him. He knows that He Himself is sowing good seed and that at the end of time the righteous will shine like the sun. Are we the good seed? I hope so. To be good seed means that we are children of the kingdom, God’s kingdom and that someday we will be with in heaven. Are we righteous? I hope so, in a way. Righteous has a strong connotation and how can we say we are righteous before God? I want to wait until I stand before him and he says I am righteous before I decide that for myself. Many years ago, a young woman stayed in our home during a hurricane. She was a friend of a friend who thought it necessary to question me about my salvation. “If I died, was I sure I was going to heaven?” I said I hoped so, but would leave that up to God when I met him. She didn’t like that answer. She wanted to know why I wasn’t sure. I said I didn’t know God’s mind and didn’t want to presume. I also said I was surer that I’d go to purgatory first, and the conversation ended. (She was not Catholic, and I think realized I had some knowledge of my own faith.) As good seeds, our hope is that at the end of time we join God in his kingdom and that is our reward for living among the weeds but not becoming them. In heaven we will be righteous and shine like the sun!


Do you live as a good seed, without being so self-assured that you become self-righteous?


Lord, thank You for the gift of Your kingdom, both here on earth and in heaven. I ask for Your grace and mercy so that one day I will shine like the sun. Amen.
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