Today's Gospel: Luke 7:36-50 - Memorial of Saints Andrew Kim Tae-gon, Priest, and Paul Chong Ha-sang, and Companions, Martyrs There are a number of Scripture passages that strike me to the heart. One of them is today's passage of the sinful woman and the jar of ointment. I can't help but relate to everyone in the story. I've been the sinful woman, in so many ways, at so many times. I've come before the Lord, weeping and crawling, begging Him to forgive me. He doesn't even take a breath before He accepts my tears, blesses them with His love. I've been the person off to the side, thinking loud cynical thoughts, brought to my senses by the gentle story of Jesus, realizing that I, too, have been forgiven much. I've been the careless host, taking care of all the things — food, lighting, details galore — except that which a guest most needs: my attention and my time. "Your faith has saved you," Jesus says, "go in peace." Not, "You silly fool, how could you think that?" Nor, with a dramatic eye roll, "Are you KIDDING me?" He reminds us of faith, a reminder I need so very often (usually hourly), and then He sends us in peace.


What do you need to "go in peace" today? How can you embrace this invitation from Jesus right now, as you go about your day?


Jesus, help me recognize the peace You're pointing me toward today. Give me the courage to go to it.
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