Today's Gospel: John 1:47-51 - Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels Raphael means “remedy of God,” and Archangel Saint Raphael is patron of “happy meetings.” Perhaps today God wishes to bless you with the remedy of a “happy meeting.” An encounter with just the right person. To assist you with an impossible challenge? Or give you a boost out of some deep pit that’s sucking your life away? Where in life do you need a remedy of God? A happy meeting? For me, it’s in my habit of ‘meeting-avoidance.’ Which goes like this: I’m rushing at the grocery store, and at a distance I spot someone I don’t want to face. Jumping into control mode, I bolt down another aisle. I’ve done this for years, but now, God is calling me to change. To see that life is about more than my own comfort and convenience. To consider that this potential meeting is not about messing up my day; it's about Our Blessed God, gracing me and this other person with His presence and power in real time. Now that is a happy meeting! But, so far, I’m stuck. I keep re-running my old habit, even though it’s getting old, and making me miserable. I am desperately in need of a remedy of God. Next time one of those “dread encounters” looms in my face, I pray I will push the pause button, beg for heavenly help, and permit the meeting to happen in God’s way. Who knows? God just might answer this prayer by sending Saint Raphael my way. That would allow the meeting to unfold as a “happy” one, in the deepest sense.


Where am I in need of a remedy from God?


Lord, when challenges loom, help me remember to push the pause button, beg for Your help, and let go of control so that You are free in the situation to do things Your way.
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